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About the Koshinkan Aikido Society

The Koshinkan Aikido Society ( Ko - ancient, shin - heart / spirit, kan - hall ) was formed on the 6th. August 1993, and since then it has developed slowly but steadily. Our attitude towards Aikido is an open one; we encourage our members to practice with all forms of Aikido whenever possible and welcome all who will practice with an open mind.

The Koshinkan Aikido Society is a non-profit making organisation, all money is paid to the society and the yudansha (dan grades) receive no money for teaching. The organisation and running of the society is the responsibility of the yudansha, but every member has a say. The primary aim of the society is to promote and develop the martial art of Aikido as an amateur activity.

The Aikido practiced at the Koshinkan is somewhat eclectic in style reflecting the previous experience of the sensei. Our basic techniques show a definite Yoshinkan influence. This is a highly structured system ideal for beginners with much emphasis on posture (kamae) strong, centred body movement and forceful direct atemi. The Yoshinkan with its comparitively linear approach is said to reflect O'Sensei's pre WW2 teaching.

Alongside the basics we also teach a wide range of techniques reminiscent of the Aikikai style, with a greater emphasis on circularity and fluidity of movement, including a wide range of kokyu nage which provide excellent training in timing, blending of force, tai sabaki and the use of breath power (kokyu). In addition to this there are further elements of training which derive from Aiki-jujitsu the precursor of modern Aikido.

The Koshinkan is affiliated to the UK Shinwakai, a BAB member organisation with an ethos much like our own. The Shinwakai has member clubs from both the Yoshinkan and Aikikai Traditional schools and is headed by Sensei Jack Poole, one of the U.K's most senior Aikidoka who holds senior dan grade ranking in both styles.

The Koshinkan aikido Society originated as an offshoot of the Epsom and Ewell Judo and Aikido Society and to understand the history of the Koshinkan it is necessary to relate the history of this club from which Sensei John Jenkin originated.

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