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Etiquette is on the whole good behaviour. Here is a basic guide to the manners expected during the practice of aikido.



1.                   To obey and respect the instructors at all times.

2.                   To respect the dojo (practice hall), the tatami (mat) and the people in the dojo.


3.                   To have a good degree of personal cleanliness and a clean keidogi (practice uniform) at all times.


4.                   Keep your finger and toe nails short, clean and free of nail varnish at all times.


5.                    Remove all jewellery for example, rings, earrings or chains. If jewellery cannot be removed it should be covered with for example a plaster.


6.                   Respect all weapons and treat tanto (knife) and bokken (wooden sword) as though they were live blades.


7.                   Never handle other people’s weapons without their permission.


8.                   Never walk on the tatami in outdoor shoes or slippers.


9.                   Try at all times to be on the tatami before class starts.


10.               Practice quietly and firmly, never try to injure anyone that you practice with.


11.               Dan grades should be addressed as Sensei and treated with respect and courtesy.


12.               On entering and leaving the dojo you should bow to the Kamiza.


13.               If the class has started kneel in seiza on the edge of the tatami and wait to be bowed onto the mat by the instructor.


14.               If during the course of the lesson you need to leave the tatami you should ask the instructor for permission, do not just walk off . Bow when leaving the tatami and wait to be bowed back on by the instructor, do not just walk on.


15.               After the instructor has demonstrated a technique the class should bow to the instructor before moving to their positions for practice. You should bow to your partner before practicing and again before returning to the line up.


16.               Line up in your respective grades at the beginning and end of the practice.




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