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Aikido is a unique form of Budo. Whilst it has much in common with other Budo it has its own distinct philosophy, its own movement, its own flavour.I have direct experience of Aikido that has lost this "flavour" and degenerated into something else entirely - sure it looked like Aiki, but when you looked deeper the basic ingredients were not there.

O'Sensei devoted his life to the development of a holistic system of Budo, a system that is quite extraordinary and I believe very special. In taking on the practice of Aikido we also inherit the "giri" or moral duty to continue it in the true spirit.

That said, I don't think we have to be entirely rigid in our practice - there is plenty of room for freedom of expression , change and adaptation to some extent are necessary to constantly refresh old ideas.

So what are these "basic ingredients"?, I hear you ask. You really should ask someone who knows, but since I am already typing this piece I'll give you what in my opinion they are.

Recipe for Aiki Dough.........

Mix KI, KOKYU and SHIN in equal amounts in a suitable container, stir with SPIRAL MOVEMENT from the CENTRE.
Add a portion of REI and allow the mix to develop the right attitude.Add an attack then BLEND with MUSUBI. Mould the mix into a suitably stable KAMAE then roll into an UKEMI before turning out(TENKAN) onto a tatami.

Chop the resulting WAZA into a suitable number of KIHON, space apart on the mat in the correct MA-AI then subject to severe heat of the DOJO for a long but unspecified period.Purify from time to time with a little MISOGI.

The resulting "Aiki-dough-ka" will always be different and most will probably perish in the preparation.If any are suitable lightly dust with a Golden Shower and leave to "SIT"until fully enlightened.

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