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I believe that we have been consciously led to Aiki by that part of our consciousness that we are rarely, at least knowingly, in touch with - our intuition or "unconscious". It is suggested that the deepest wisdom is contained therein and that all we need to do is tap into it - we are all Buddha's already we have only to discover this!

How the intuition works, whether it carries memories from past lives, or tunes in to Jung's "collective unconscious" who knows? But I believe we have had the choice made for us - not by some external force but by the wisest part of our own nature. Spooky ain't it!
Give this a bit of thought and see if you can justify your interest in Aiki in terms of self-defence or fitness - I certainly can't, am I some sort of freak?

Tony Hughes - Nidan - Assistant instructor ,Koshinkan Aikido

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