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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Club?
We are in Sutton just off the high street. Our address and directions can be found here.

What class can I start in?
Adults can begin with the Wednesday Beginners Class until they are confident enough to join the Intermediate / Advance class. All students are welcome to attend the Weapons Class on a Friday regardless of what level they are at.

What time are the classes?
The adult classes start at 8:15pm through to 10:00pm. We usually arrive around 8:10pm in order to put the mats down and get changed.

What will happen the first time I come along
Everyone is nervous the first time they join a club. Don't worry to much about it. After the warmup a senior grade will take you to a section of the mat and teach you how to do your breakfalls and your basic movements. These are an important part of the Aikido and will therefore take up a large portion of your first lesson.

I am afraid of looking silly?
Everyone feels like this when they first start. Don't worry, we all felt like this the first time, even Sensei John some 30 years ago. Just relax and enjoy yourself, with regular practice you will soon pick it up

What do I need to wear?
Please wear loose fitting clothes - tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt are suitable for beginners. No jewellery should be worn at any time.

Do I need to be fit before I start?
The Beginners class is purposely designed to ease people into Aikido and therefore it does not matter what level of fittness you are at. There are however parts of the class designed to increase your aerobic fitness levels.

How often do I need to train?
To start with you should just concentrate on the Wednesday beginners lessons and possibly the Friday Weapons class. Once you're confidence and fitness have developed you should try and train three times a week. Having said that this is simply a guideline and not something we will enforce, everyone is different and therefore you can choose your own frequency of training.

How much does it cost?
Training fee is £6 per class or you can opt to pay a quarterly fee of £100 (A substatial saving on the nightly fee) and train all three nights a week if you so desire.

Do I need to buy a gi before I join? No you don't. As we mentioned above it is advisable to train in loose fitting clothes until you are happy that Aikido is what you want to do. It is no good going out and buying a gi to wear before hand only to find that you don't like it.

Once I am happy that I like Aikido, where do I get the clothing and weapons from?
The club has a number of contacts for purchasing these. Speak to Sensei John Jenkin and he will be able to arrange them for you.

I am not sure if my medical condition will prevent me from training?
There are ways to train around many medical conditions. If you have a condition of concern please discuss it with the Sensei before hand so that he is aware of it and will be mindful of it during the lesson.

I am worried about being the only beginner?
This is usually not the case as we have a number of beginners training on a wednesday night, however if you do happen to be the only one, you will be pleased to know that we are a friendly relaxed club who enjoy passing on our knowledge and enthusiasm to anyone who is willing to learn.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured with the British Aikido Board, the national umbrella organisation for Aikido in the UK. Each member has individual insurance and instructors have full insurance cover and are first aid trained.

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