10th Annual Koshinkan Aikido Seminar

The Koshinkan Aikido Society will be hosting its 10th annual seminar on the 30th September 2006 at the Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton. Confirmed Sensei for this years seminar are:

Sensei Jack Poole

7th Dan

Sensei Richard Portsmith 7th Dan
Sensei John Jenkin 6th Dan
Sensei Les White 6th Dan
Sensei Gary Masters 6th Dan
Sensei Terry Harrison 6th Dan
Sensei Roy Shephard 6th Dan
Sensei Marill Poole 5th Dan
Sensei Joe McEnroe 4th Dan

The course cost is 15, which as always includes refreshments (An additional 5 will be charged for non B.A.B. aikidoka, for insurance and administration). Registration starts from 9am. For more information please feel free to contact us.


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