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Training at the Koshinkan encompasses the following elements. During a two hour lesson it is obvious that a small proportion of the whole syllabus will be practised - this is at the discretion of the instructor.

What is Aikido ?
O' Sensei

Reigi - Etiquette
Preparation for practice - Meditation and stretching
Movement - Tai-Sabaki
KI Exercises and Kokyu-Ho - Exercises to Develop Breath Power
Ukemi - Breakfalls
Kihon-Wasa - the Core Techniques of Aikido
Fundamental techniques - 1
Fundamental techniques - 2
Advanced Tai-Jutsu Techniques
Aiki-Ken - Sword practice
Aiki-Jo - Staff practice
Tanto - Knife practice
Advanced Weapons

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    Reigi - Etiquette